Every bite takes
you home

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Missing Home-like Indian Desi food? Don’t stress too much!
Grab your keys, gear your ride, and head straight to sector17,
Canada. It is the Fast Food Restaurant that serves the most
authentic Indian street food. Be it Desi Chinese or tikki
Burger, every bite
would release a blast of hawt Indian flavours
in your mouth. Check us Out!

See our menu 100% covid safety protocol

About Us

What began as a single fast food truck in
Calgary has grown into a full-fledged Desi
Indo-Canadian fast food chain.
takes its name from a well-known market
in Chandigarh, India.

We began in 2016 among friends and have
come a long way since then. From
Sector17 signature chicken burgers to
chilli chicken momos, we got everything
made in pure desi style to fulfil your
hunger for the Indian street food.

Know more


Why is the name sector17

Sector 17 restaurant is an Indo-Canadian fast-food company founded in 2016 and our brand name arose from the famous 17 Sector in Chandigarh, India. Sector 17 serves some of its favorite food like the Noodle burger, Delhi Chowmein, grilled sandwich, etc.

What so special about sector17

Sector17 offers the same taste and way of life as these are in Chandigarh, India. We maintained that food quality customer satisfaction over the year. Some of our dishes like noodle burgers and Delhi Chowmein are the best in town and people come from far to have that taste in Canada.

Hygiene and food safety levels (covid)

Our vegetables are fresh. We make sure that our staff is healthy and not showing any symptoms of Covid. We maintain proper cleanliness and sanitize our place regularly.

What is so special about your noodle burger?

Yes our best in town, what makes it so special, sorry first you have to try it then you can ask this question again :).

At which all locations does Sector17 have its branches?

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